Oak Box Lock Set with Bands Pewter 33004


Oak Box Lock & Octagonal Black Knobs Pewter Patina Finish 33004


Oak Box Lock Set with Bands Pewter 33004


English oak box lock includes Horizontal Lock Set Octagonal Knobs Escutcheons Long Keys and Bands Pewter Patina Finish
Anvil 33004
Size: 10″ x 7″
Crafted from high quality English oak and fitted with a British made 5 lever lock.
Supplied complete with Pewter Patina 33643 Octagonal knob set. Decorative bands and screws supplied

Installation Instructions
Position the block on the door in a suitable height. usually around 1m floor to knob position
Ensure the keyhole is lower than the spindle hole

Select the position for the forged securing straps.
Drill and countersink 4 holes which will be hidden under the bars.
Fix block to door using the screws provided. Check length of screws first.
Check latch direction and alter as required.
Once positioned correctly drill holes for keyhole and spindle hole.
Fit lock into block and add knobs and escutcheons.
Fix keep to frame. copy as above.


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