From The Anvil Anvil HL Hinges 7 inch 33182 9 inch 33183

Anvil HL Hinges 7 inch 33182, 9 inch 33183

  Anvil HL Hinges are dislayed like the letter H and L. They are more decorative and stronger than the H.  The L section carries more weight and can be used on repaired corners. 7 inch and 9 inch available




 Anvil HL Hinges 7 inch and 9 inch

Hand Wrought Forged HL Hinges are available in traditional Beeswax, Black or Pewter

Available in 7 and 9 inch (see drop down)

7 inch is the height x 6.5 inch

9 inch x 9 inch

This traditional HL shaped hinge sometimes known as a Holy Lord hinges due to early styles being found on church buildings. They form the letters H and L, when in place.

A pair consists of opposite L’s for top and bottom of door.

Ideal for doors, cupboards.

Surface fixed to  give extra strength to a H Hinge

They are similar to H-hinges but with one strap shaped like the letter L and can be used where a door is maybe a bit heavier or has undergone repair.
Sold in pairs and supplied with necessary fixing screws.

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Size / Finish

33182 7 inch, 33183 9 inch


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