Kirkpatrick Cabinet Drawer Pull 1018 Antique Finish


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Kirpatrick Cabinet Drawer Pull, Antique Iron Range 1018
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Kirkpatrick Cabinet Drawer Pull 1018

Kirkpatrick Cabinet Drawer Pull 1018 is a pretty drop droplet cupboard pull handle on an ornate rose.

It’s antique appearance makes it suitable for restoring old furniture or adding a vintage look to new drawers and cupboards/

30mm x 30mm.

Hand cast from original patterns originating from the Victorian & Edwardian period. and is produced in high grade malleable iron in the foundry in Walsall.  Once cast the iron is subject to an annealing treatment which gives the product its strength and durability. Following assembly of the products a rust proofing finish is applied and a two-coat paint process is carried out.
Care of your new product is very easy as Kirkpatrick have covered most areas with their designs and attention to detail however an occasional wipe over with an oily cloth will prevent rusting. this is more critical when the product is used near the coast as the salt in the air has a corrosive affect on the iron. a regular wipe over will keep your Kirkpatrick product as good as new for years to come.


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