Louis Fraser LF-738 Square Handle on Large Backplate, lock latch Bath

Square Handle on Large Backplate, Bathroom Set

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Louis Fraser Themes Hardware, LF-378


Square Handle on Large Backplate,

LF-738/LA latch
LF-738/LO lock
LF-738/P privacy bathroom
LF-738/70 unsprung Euro
LF-738/72 sprung Euro
LF-738/92 unsprung Euro

Back plate 252 x 50mm
handle 112mm

Euro available 70mm & 92mm centres ( unsprung ) euro handle
72mm centres ( sprung)
finishes available,
Light patina bronze
satin marbled bronze
satin pewter bronze
polished nickel bronze

Themes by Louis Fraser, a concept whereby door and window furniture have been

designed and incorporated into three distinctive styles, Curved, Ribbed and Square.

Created in solid Bronze, each piece offers enduring style and beauty, yet manages to

fulfill the expectations demanded in the modern home.

The supplement of our exquisite cabinet hardware only serves to complete those

finishing touches to a project.

The understated elegance of Themes is guaranteed to add distinction to any property

and further truly its surroundings.

Care & Maintenance

Over time, the combination of touch and climate come together to naturally age the product.

Bronze is naturally weather resistant and requires the minimum amount of care to maintain it.

It is recommended that the product is periodically wiped with a beeswax or lightly oiled

cloth. All finishes are suitable for both interior and exterior purposes


Additional information

Size / Finish

latch Light patina bronze, latch satin marbled bronze, latch satin pewter bronze, latch polished nickel bronze, lock Light patina bronze, lock satin marbled bronze, lock satin pewter bronze, LOCK-polished nickel bronze, 70mm Light patina bronze, 70mm satin marbled bronze, 70mm satin pewter bronze, 70mm polished nickel bronze, 92mm Light patina bronze, 92mm satin marbled bronze, 92mm satin pewter bronze, 92mm polished nickel bronze, 72mm sprung Light patina bronze, 72mm sprung satin marbled bronze, 72mm sprung satin pewter bronze, 72mm sprung polished nickel bronze


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