Outward Opening Suffolk Latch Kit Beeswax

Outward Opening Suffolk Latch Kit, Cranked Thumb Latch Bar plus Receiver Keeps, Waxed.





Outward Opening Suffolk Latch Kit

Outward Opening Suffolk Latch Kit, Cranked Thumb Latch Bar plus Receiver Keeps, Waxed.
Hand Forged Kit 

Comprises of:
1 x Cranked Hand Forged Suffolk Thumb Latch Bar
1 x Curved Frame Keep
1 x Flat Frame Keep
1 x Screw pack

Made by skilled blacksmiths and  finished in Beeswax
A coating of Pure Bees-wax is applied while the metal is still hot this seals and protects the finished product.

Latch Bar Overall 170mm, Width of the penny end 30mm
Crank 25mm
Flat Frame Keep, rectangular section 25 x 60mm, overall width 45mm
Curved Keeper, Height 30mm, Width 48mm, Projection 17mm

Hand Forged from solid bar these period latch spares are ideal for renovation work / Barn conversions or new builds.

These Suffolk latch kits allow you to fit the Latch handle on the Outside / Passage side on an outward opening door.

Without this kit it is usually troublesome and the following can happen:
The thumb latch end up being fitted with the handle on the inside of the room,
This doesn’t match the other handles on inward opening doors in the same area.
You can injure yourself on the lift hook as it projects in to the passage.

We have included a choice of two keeps depending on the frame style and size etc.

These kits will fit all of our handforged latch sets.

Designed to assist in the fitting of the latch for outward opening doors, this may not be a solution for all doors so please check the application carefully or confirm with a joiner / fitter before ordering.





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