Straight Barrel Bolt CR1801


Straight Barrel Bolt CR1801
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Straight Barrel Bolt CR1801

This item comes in 16 sizes

1801A 2inch x 1inch
1801B 3inch x 1inch
1801C 4inch x 1inch
1801D 6inch x 1inch
1801E 4inch x 1 1/4inch
1801F 6inch x 1 1/4inch
1801G 8inch x 1 1/4inch
1801H 10inch x 1/4inch
1801J 12inch x 1 1/4inch
1801K 18inch x 1 1/4inch
1801L 24inch x 1 1/4inch
1801M 8inch x 1 1/2inch
1801P 10inch x 1 1/2inch
1801Q 12inch x 1 1/2inch
1801R 18inch x 1 1/2inch
1801S 24inch x 1 1/2inch


Quality brass and bronzeware made in the UK by Croft Architectural Hardware. Made using traditional methods to ensure each product meets the highest of standards. We have featured Polished & Applied finishes and Tudor Bronze ranges. There are other finishes available so please contact us if you cannot see what you want. Please allow 5 – 6 weeks for delivery on brass and 6 weeks on Tudor Bronze. A full range of quality british made locks and latches are available in matching finishes.

Link to Spec Sheetwww.croft.co.uk/index.php

Please allow 5-6 weeks for delivery on Brass and applied finishes and 6 weeks on Bronze.

Please email finish required,
Polished Brass, lacquered or unlacquered
Applied finish as per grid below
Bronze, Tudor Bronze or Real bronze metal antique 2nd grid below
PHG Direct Croft Finishes

Additional information

Size / Finish

1801A Polished Brass, 1801A Applied Finishes, 1801B Polished Brass, 1801B Applied Finishes, 1801C Polished Brass, 1801C Applied Finishes, 1801D Polished Brass, 1801D Applied Finishes, 1801E Polished Brass, 1801E Applied Finishes, 1801F Polished Brass, 1801F Applied Finishes, 1801G Polished Brass, 1801G Applied Finishes, 1801H Polished Brass, 1801H Applied Finishes, 1801J Polished Brass, 1801J Applied Finishes, 1801K Polished Brass, 1801K Applied Finishes, 1801L Polished Brass, 1801L Applied Finishes, 1801M Polished Brass, 1801M Applied Finishes, 1801P Polished Brass, 1801P Applied Finishes, 1801Q Polished Brass, 1801Q Applied Finishes, 1801R Polished Brass, 1801R Applied Finishes, 1801S Polished Brass, 1801S Applied Finishes


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