Hand Forged T Hinges and Suffolk Thumb Latch Set Beeswaxed


Hand Forged T Hinges and Suffolk Thumb Latch set beeswaxed


Hand Forged T Hinges and Suffolk Thumb Latch Set Beeswaxed

Hand Forged T Hinges and Suffolk Thumb Latch set beeswaxed.

Combination Deal.

Latch Set.
Originated in Suffolk and common throughout the UK between 17th and 18th Century. Hand forged from solid bar these period latches are ideal for renovations, cottage doors and period properties.
Period House Group have sold these Suffolk latch sets for many years. There is hammering to the bean end.
The set comprises of:
Latch bar, this is the long flat bar that is fitted horizontally and move up and down when the thumb piece is pressed, fitted to the opposite side to the handle.

Staple and screw keeper, these hold the latch bar, the staple keep is the oldest and more traditional while the screws keep is easier to fit, both supplied.

Frame spike keep, this holds the door the door closed, when the door is closed the latch bar rides over the keep and drops in place, only by pressing the thumb piece the latch lar becomes released.

Slotted screws, the traditional theme is carried throughout even down to the fixings.

All items are beeswaxed.

For bedroom or bathrooms we can supply a locking pin see LP- Penny which prevents the latch bars from lifting.
The size of the Suffolk Latch refers to the overall length of the latch end to end.
As seen in most period magazines the combined deal of the latch and t hinges known here as a combi deal offer excellent value.

T Hinges, Sold in pairs.
Traditional T Hinges are finished in hot melted bees wax, an old traditional method which looks great and protects the metal.

Lightly hammered on the edges with a forged penny end.

These hinges can be returned 90 degrees, a benefit when fitting doors with an architrave. The hinge plate can be set between the door and the frame like a butt hinge.

Strength is in the pin, these hinges have no play at all and the pin on the 15 inch and 18 inch is large enough for heavy oak doors.

Hand Forged T Hinges and Suffolk Thumb Latch set beeswaxed, these have great detail, showing the forge marks and hammer blows, not for decoration these are true blacksmith skills.

A coating of beeswax is applied while the metal is still hot this darkens and protects the finished product.

These Hand Forged T Hinges and Suffolk Thumb Latch set beeswaxed are our biggest seller.
Due to the skilled hand forged work we have produced a heavy solid hinge with no play, and a latch set which is traditional and functional with a style which feels very comfortable, and no sharp thumb piece, these are excellent value.
The style and colour of these will blend in with most other hand forged products like Dartington steel design or From the Anvil.

Our prices include vat, these are usually a stock item and can be delivered next day or collected.

Choices available are:
8 inches Medium Bean Head Latch with either the 12 inch, 15 or 18 inch hinges.

12 inch T Hinges overall size – 10 5″ on the door (suitable for small /light doors)

15 inch T Hinges overall size, 13.5 inches on the door.

18 inch hinges overall size, 16.5 inches on the door.

Both the above sizes suit most internal doors and will carry heavy oak or pine doors of a standard width & height.

12 inch suitable for lighter weight or smaller doors, 10.5 inches on the door. We do not recommend these for normal sized doors.

Hand Forged T Hinges and Suffolk Thumb Latch Set Fitting Guide.

Additional information

Size / Finish

Medium Bean latch with 12 inch hinges, Medium Bean Latch with 15 inch T hinges, Medium Bean Latch with 18 inch T hinges


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