Dartington Steel Sash Fastener Waxed or Pewter Patine 02-113

A Sash Fastener with a swivel action and nicely coiled appearance on the handle and finished in Bees Wax or patine, from our yorvik range supplied by Dartington.




Dartington Steel Sash Fastener Waxed or Pewter Patine 02-113

Sash fastener
02-113-05 Right Hand Waxed
02-114-05 Left Hand Waxed

02-113-02 Right Hand Pewter Patine
02-114-02 Left Hand Pewter Patine

RIGHT HAND illustrated

Base plate 70mm x 20mm

Keep 13 x 65mm

Dartington Rustix Range

There are two finishes available in the Rustix range – please see description for the available finishes and price difference.

Beeswax is a traditional finish which protects the metal. The beeswax is applied while the metal is hot from the forge and the colours vary from dark brown grey to black. This finish is best for internal use.

Patine – This has a pewter patine (old iron colour Dull Pewter Grey) and has anti corrosive properties which makes it ideal for external use.

Additional information

Size / Finish

02-113-05 waxed right, 02-113-02 patine right, 02-114-05 waxed left, 02-114-02 patine left


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