Anvil Half Butterfly Hinges Beeswaxed 2 inch 33258,33259

 From The Anvil  Half Butterfly Cabinet Hinges Beeswaxed Finish 2 inch 33258 & 3.25 inch 33259

  For a Full Butterfly Hinge see 33199  for  Small and 33200 for Large.  They are all available in Black and Pewter as well as Beeswax




From The Anvil Half Butterfly Hinges Beeswaxed 33258 33259

Suitable where there is a narrow frame that cannot take a full butterfly.
Hand forged and Traditionally Finished with beeswax

33258 – 2 inch x 2 inch
Fixing Plate: 2 inch x .375 inch
Hinge Arm: 1 .125 inch

333259 3.25 inch x 3.25 inch
Fixing Plate 3 inch x .625 inch
Hinge Arm 2.25 inch
Complete with slotted dome head screws

The butterfly hinge is a decorative carpentry hinge with “wings” – resembling those of a butterfly, but they only have one wing with a half butt hinge, making it easier to mount in restricted spaces

Additional information

Size / Finish

33258 – 2 inch, 33259 – 3 inch


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