From The Anvil Suffolk Thumb latch Beeswax Finish 33101 .


Suffolk Thumb latch Beeswax Finish Traditional latch for use on cottage doors ledged and braced doors.  Very simple in design and operation. Matching t hinges are available 33101



From the Anvil Suffolk Thumb Latch Beeswax Finish 33101


Size 216mm 8.5″

This is a Hand Forged Bean End Suffolk Latch with a  Beeswax finish. Originated in Suffolk and common throughout the UK between 17th and 18th Century.  Hand Forged from solid bar these period latches are ideal for renovations.  The set comprises of a latch bar. spike keeper. staple keep and slotted screws.  All items are bees waxed.  For bedroom or bathrooms we can supply a locking pin which prevents the latch bars from lifting.  The size of the Suffolk Latch refers to the overall length.  Suffolk Latches of the Bean End design or Arrow End are always in stock and we can cater for large orders or quote for worldwide shipping. Slotted dome head screws are supplied. A screw fix keeper is also included.  This is designed to replace the Spike keeper if the doors planks are thin etc. Items also available in this range include:

Hinges (T hinge. H and HL. butterfly full and half. cabinet hinge)
Fish tail bolts
Pull handles
Electrical switches
Window furniture (locking and non locking)

Fitting a suffolk latch?

  • 1. The traditional height for fitting the thumb latch is about 1.3m to 1.4m from the floor.
  • 2. Drill a row vertically of 6mm holes one above the other to make a narrow slot (clean out with a small chisel) for the thumb bar to go through the door. about 90mm back from the door edge.
  • 3. Feed through and Fix the handle onto door using one screw only in top & bottom. fix so that the thumb bar going through door is level.
  • 4. Fit the latch bar on other side of the door so that the lower edge of the bar rests on top of thumb bar & hangs over the edge of door by about 30mm. Put screw in central hole leaving loose enough for bar to move up & drop down freely. ( Check that when pressing down with thumb on handle side that thumb bar rises to lift latch bar and drops back down freely).
  • 5. Mark lines across face of frame to show position of frame keep. When bar is horizontal drill a guide hole into frame (3mm dia) just under this line to a depth of 25mm. about 15mm from inside edge of frame.
    With the door closed and latch bar going across frame the point of keep should enter hole. if you tap keep into frame stopping before it pinches latch bar. when the door closes the latch bar should automatically rise over the keep and drop in place.
  • 6. If you push down on thumb latch or lift hooked end of thumb bar the latch bar should rise up out of keep.
  • 7. We have included a traditional staple pin which is driven through the door & clenched over. Position the staple about 1 inch back from the edge of the door over the latch bar. NB Also included in your pack is the screw fix keeper. this can be used as a simple replacement of the staple type supplied with 2 small screws. A handy addition where you don’t want to break through the face of the door.
  • 8. Once all of the parts work smoothly. the door opens & closes put remaining screws into handle.


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